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Solução SLV Cement em destaque na Cementreview

2 Agosto, 2023

A Cachapuz foi destaque na Cementreview de Julho com um artigo “Driving innovations in logitics”, focado na solução SLV Cement, que tem implementações em várias áreas do globo, incluindo o mercado Africano. Colocamos abaixo parte do artigo para leitura no formato original.


Like many areas within the cement production process, logistics have been transformed by digitalisation. Embracing these developments, Cachapuz Bilanciai Group’s SLV Cement smart logistics solution continues to help producers across the world upgrade procedures 30 years after its launch, with promising developments in the north African market


SLV Cement – Cachapuz’s advanced IT logistics solution – has been helping cement companies improve global logistics operations for 30 years since its launch in the early 1990s. Operational procedures for the inbound arrival of raw materials and the outbound delivery of cement dispatches have been automated and optimised, ensuring greater efficiency and lowering costs. As a result, this smart logistics solution has been successfully deployed in cement plants, quarries and aggregates units around the world.


Digital transformation and system implementation

SLV Cement is a state-of-the-art solution that takes advantage of the main paradigms of digitalisation and industry 4.0 and leverages the use of related technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality, mobility and cloud computing. Using these technologies, SLV Cement helps cement producers reduce operation and turnaround times, as well as lower fixed operating costs, ensuring asset security and improving the quality of service to customers.
Through its scalable and modular architecture, SLV Cement enables unmanned operations that are seamlessly integrated with SAP software in online and offline mode. In addition, the solution provides information to all those involved in the logistics process, which means that the entire logistics chain can be significantly improved.


Adapting to local requirements

Over the years, Cachapuz has been able to adapt its SLV Cement solution to take into account local operating conditions. The solution is now active in many cement plants worldwide, including the growing African market, where the first installation took place in 2007. The company has partnered with major cement producers in Egypt, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Angola, Mozambique and Morocco. In each case Cachapuz has been able to adapt its solution to local needs and offer its customers efficient support. One of the key partnerships in the region, established in 2019, is with
Votorantim Cimentos Europe, Africa and Asia (VCEAA), one of the top global cement and aggregate producers. As part of Votorantim Cimentos’ global customer centric strategy focussed  on the excellence of service, VCEAA implemented its digital transformation strategy, including a new dispatch system for north African operations.


In Morocco and Tunisia, VCEAA opted for the SLV Cement solution. The implemented solution provides unmanned operations seamlessly integrated with SAP in online and offline working modes and was deployed at cement plants, quarries and aggregates units of VCEAA’s Moroccan and Tunisian business units. In VCEAA’s Moroccan operations the implementation of SLV Cement is currently being extended to a new aggregates unit in Meknes. The optimisation of the inbound flow of raw material trucks at Asment Temara cement plant is also underway. At Granulats Jbel Oust in Tunisia, noptimisation of processes and operational procedures are ongoing.


Growing north African market

The north African construction and infrastructure market is currently undergoing rapid development, with significant potential for growth in the coming years. North African countries are investing in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports, as well as the construction of commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Meanwhile, demand for cement is on the rise across the region, driven by rapid population growth, urbanisation and increasedinfrastructure investment.


To keep pace with growing demand, and supported by the region’s wealth in terms of natural resources (such as limestone and clay), a number of producers are expanding capacities and
making use of advanced production technologies. As a result, the region has become a key market for the SLV Cement solution.


Customised process flow

The SLV Cement system guides drivers through a customised process flow. It standardises and automates material flow, enabling operational improvements as
well as optimising inbound and outbound processes. SLV Cement is a vertical and integrated solution with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other existing information and automation systems that promotes complete visibility and transparency during operations. It also provides operational indicators that are available in real-time as well as the continuous monitoring of business performance. SLV Cement has enabled cement companies across Africa implement technologically-advanced dispatchsystems to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of logistics processes and follow market developments. For local producers, this means reduced operating costs, improved efficiency and better visibility across the supply chain. Therefore, cement companies that implement SLV Cement can look forward to improving their competitive edge. (…) 

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