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Cachapuz em destaque na World Cement – Logistics from Portugal to the world

21 Março, 2024

“Cachapuz elaborates on the implementation of automation and logistics optimisation systems in the cement industry.



Last year marked the thirtieth anniversary of SLV Cement, a journey that began in Portugal in collaboration with Cimpor and Secil. This partnership has launched Cachapuz to become a global reference in the implementation of automation and logistic optimisation systems in the cement industry. The company now collaborates with the main players in the sector and has a presence in all geographical regions. The beginning and evolution The 1990s marked a period of significant economic and social development in Portugal, driven by its accession to the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1986. The application of structural funds aimed to modernise key sectors and improve infrastructure, leading to a substantial increase in demand for construction materials, particularly cement.


In the early 1990s, Cachapuz faced the challenge of automating bulk cement dispatch, enabling the conditions necessary for truck drivers to perform load operations autonomously, safely, and optimally. This solution was designed to be integrated with existing information and automation systems, providing dematerialised and controlled procedures.


The challenge was accepted, and the developed solution eliminated the need for a loading operator, reduced average loading time, and optimised the loaded quantity, preventing trucks from being overloaded or having to return to the silo loading lane to complete the load. The impact of the solution was immediate, enabling shorter turnaround time and resulting in increased service capacity and an extended dispatch window, with potential for 24/7 operation, while reducing operational costs.


By the end of that decade, all Cimpor and Secil cement plants in Portugal’s mainland and islands had automated bulk cement dispatch with self-service operations. The success of automating bulk cement dispatch strengthened the partnership with Cimpor and Secil, leading to new challenges, particularly the evolution of the solution to cover other material flows and operational procedures.


Thus, a comprehensive solution emerged, focused on addressing logistic challenges in optimising raw material reception and cement dispatch. This solution was fully integrated with ERP and plant automation systems. It is designed to address the needs of a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, particularly those using alternative fuels in order to reduce emissions in the cement industry.





In the next decade, SLV Cement’s internationalisation process was initiated, propelled by the established partnership with Cimpor and Secil. This collaboration enabled the solution’s expansion to other plants and countries where these companies operate. The international implementations at the Cimpor and Secil plants heightened the external visibility of Cachapuz and its solution.


This, in turn, fuelled growth in the countries of operation and drove entry into new geographical regions. From Egypt and Tunisia, to Brazil and Argentina, and more recently in Spain, Côte d’Ivoire, and Cameroon, this range highlights the company’s collaborative growth and commitment to service quality improvement. These commitments, grounded in emerging trends and technologies, have translated into tangible outcomes.


The international expansion of SLV Cement and the adaptation of the solution to diverse cultural and operational realities have led to its quick adoption by other major players in the sector operating across various countries. This strategic positioning has enabled Cachapuz to actively participate in many of the cement industry’s corporate, regional, or local digital transformation initiatives with the aim to develop and implement more intelligent, sustainable, and stakeholder-focused systems.



The present and the future


In the last few years, Cachapuz has focused on the technological development of SLV Cement, leveraging advancements driven by the Industry and Logistics 4.0. paradigms. The vision involves creating an integrated, intelligent, and collaborative ecosystem centred around individuals participating in the cement supply chain, all while prioritising environmental sustainability. This vision aligns with the emerging paradigm of Industry 5.0. This emphasis has been consistently pursued in collaboration, particularly with entities within the National Scientific and Technological System. A noteworthy partnership has been established with the University of Minho and its research and innovation institutions, where knowledge is transformed into value through a continuously updated, distinctive offering aligned with sustainable digital transformation initiatives in the cement industry. It is worth highlighting that Cachapuz is a founding member of the Digital Transformation CoLab (DTx), where it presides over the Strategic and Supervision Committee. In collaboration with DTx, projects are undertaken in the physical, digital, and cyber domains, namely in the areas of advanced materials (intelligent and sustainable), hardware and sensors (micro, nanoelectronics, and flexible electronics), and software and information systems (artificial intelligence, internet of
things, communications, and cybersecurity). These projects ensure the technological roadmap of SLV Cement and position it in the next generation of advanced cyber-physical systems.


The growth through partnership and collaboration has been a decisive factor, positioning SLV Cement as a solution sought after by the cement industry for the automation and optimisation of logistic processes, service improvement, and increased transport efficiency. Moreover, it contributes significantly to the reduction of its environmental impact. As demonstrated by the enduring relationship of over three decades with Cimpor, Secil, and some scientific entities, collaborative work and partnerships are the cornerstone of valued co-creation, supported by a vision of continuous improvement and that is focused on customers and service quality. ”



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