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Equipment Rental

The right equipment at the right time

In order to meet each customer’s temporary needs, Cachapuz has a wide equipment range that can be rented for a couple days, months or lengthy periods of time.

What are the advantages?

If you still haven’t reached an investment phase for acquisition, we also have several equipment rental solutions to meet your business’s occasional needs and a long-term rental service that includes maintenance.


There are many advantages in renting equipment from Cachapuz:


– Possibility to choose the most suitable equipment for the intended task

– Access to the latest equipment, adding profitability, guaranteed maintenance with original spare parts, performed by accredited Cachapuz technicians

– Efficient cost control

– Accounting gains: Renting equipment allows recording all expenses as a cost in the financial year

– Capital release, as it eliminates initial investment, a significant advantage, especially in periods of uncertainty, difficulty in accessing credit and high interest rates.

– Time (=cost) saving regarding acquisition and maintenance procedures

– Eliminates equipment obsolescence and devaluation since we have used scales, inspected and with warranty: the perfect solution for the right price

– Meets occasional production increase needs, preventing the investment in equipment that will not be used frequently.