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Calibration Certificates

Ensure correct weighing and cut your losses

Determine the values and measurement uncertainties relationship and use it to increase productivity and strengthen your customers and suppliers’ trust, ensuring your equipment functions in the best possible conditions.

What are the advantages?

Calibration Certificates allow you to control costs and ensure compliance and quality in your measuring equipment.


With calibration you can determine your measuring equipment’s performance. The regular equipment calibration, and adjustment, when necessary, ensures the measurements’ conformity and prevents costs related to inaccurate or even wrong weighings.


The equipment’s conformity should be consistently maintained through procedures and methods that comply with the technical requirements and international standards, such as: ISO 9001, ISO/IEC, 17025, EURAMET, OIML, ILAC.

Calibrations carried out by an accredited laboratory, together with our technical services, will provide you full quality and the warranty of a comprehensive service, through:


– Specialised knowledge in industrial metrology

– Validated and internationally recognised calibration procedures

– Counselling and equipment maintenance

– Professional certificates traceable to the International System (SI).


Calibration Certificates provide the equipment’s main metrology characteristics and highlight:


– Regular monitoring of measuring equipment

– Consistency in results presented

– Assurance of quality in measurements performed with calibrated equipment.