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After Sale Service

We are here to assist you

At Cachapuz, we care about providing our customers with the best assistance. We want to find a fast and efficient solution, therefore we have several means to ensure our customers’ maximum satisfaction: Remote support, call-centre and a team of highly specialised technicians, equipped with support vehicles.

What are the advantages?

Cachapuz has a team of highly specialised technicians, ready to respond to any of our customers’ needs throughout the entire national territory. We have a fleet of support vehicles available that provides faster and more efficient interventions, with original parts certified by Cachapuz Bilanciai Group.


Our Remote Technical Support provides highly specialised technical support, always available to contribute for the maintenance of your business’s weighing processes operationalisation.


Our Customer Service listens to and clarifies our customers’ doubts, and is always available to help you and provide guidance in case of any doubts regarding our integrated weighing systems. Contact us at 808 202 405 and you’ll find an efficient and highly qualified support service.