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Pre-Sale Consultancy

Professional, specialised and trustworthy advisory

The “customer-centric” strategic approach involves a way of doing businesses that gives the customer a positive experience before and after sale. Cachapuz is a trustworthy and innovative partner, always close by and available to ensure continuous functionality and profitability for your business.

What are the advantages?

We create trust through the knowledge we have of the weighing market.


Every process can be improved, and it is through qualified diagnostics that we determine optimisation priorities. Specialists in the weighing process analysis work with the customer in order to determine what needs to be optimised and how, thus increasing the return potential. We like to understand what really drives a customer’s business, and apply that knowledge to identify and materialise solutions in a customised and exclusive offer.


Our pre-sale consultants have an outstanding technical insight, they understand the customers’ needs and use their business experience to practice a proactive and innovative approach to the challenges they come across or identify.