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Maintenance Contracts

Ensure your equipment's accuracy for a long time

Ensure your equipment’s maximum accuracy through preventive maintenance. When you sign a maintenance contract, tailored to your company’s needs, the equipment’s deterioration is lower, the weighings are more accurate and your equipment’s service life is extended.

What are the advantages?

Despite the well-known advantages of preventive maintenance, managers still see it as an unnecessary additional cost when having to decide, which can result in further costs (in most cases, preventable) with corrective maintenance, which negatively impacts their customers.


In order to provide a controlled follow-up and ensure the continuous functionality of Cachapuz’s weighing solutions, we offer Maintenance Contracts, which include a wide range of preventive and follow-up solutions, according to your business profile.


Cachapuz maintenance contracts lead to:


– An improvement of the equipment’s technical and operation status

– A reduction of the equipment’s deterioration

– A reduction of the equipment’s malfunction risks

– Proper planning of preventive interventions

– Performing repairs in conditions favourable to the business’s operation

– Cost reduction

– An extension of the equipment’s life

– Reduced impact on the customer/user