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Holly Week

The Holy Week in Braga is one of the most memorable events of the year in the city, also known as “Portuguese Rome” by its deep Catholicism and immense religious architectural heritage associated with distinct eras.


The celebrations take place on the outcome of the Lenten season, at Easter, and it has been notable for the richness and versatility of the program, associated with multiple religious scenarios and a unique faith atmosphere. Attracted by these arguments, thousands of pilgrims and tourists from all over the country and north of Spain travel to Braga every year.


In early 2012, the Holy Weel has officially become the first religious event to merit the label “Statement for Tourism Interest” awarded by the Tourism Institute of Portugal. Cachapuz has been associated as a sponsor in this great event since 2011, by identifying itself with the values and considering this a weight event in the city dynamics and social awareness.

Cachapuz, environmentally friendly

Cachapuz sponsored and participated in the IX National Meeting of Ecoclubs, the 1st edition held in Braga between August 28 and September 1.


Cachapuz participated in the action on August 29. Accompanying the line of the East River, the banks and river bed were cleaned, and the main purpose was to appeal to the population’s awareness of the maintenance of the water line that runs through the city.

Cachapuz sponsors the national agriculture

On January, the 17th, a ‘Blueberry Fertilization and Crop Management, Quality Control and Post Harvest Management‘, was held in AgrilojaViseu. Cachapuz sponsors this event demonstrating, once again, its interest and enterprising character on the national agriculture.

Cachapuz supports APN

The first edition of the Professional Update Course on Carbohydrate Counting in Diabetes Mellitus organized by APN – Portuguese Association of Nutritionists – took place in the Crowne Plaza Porto Hotel in December.


Cachapuz was the only sponsoring company to participate in this event, placing scales at the disposal of participants to weigh the desired ingredients. About 60 people were present and all used our scales without any difficulty.


The success of the practical part with the scales was such that it became ‘in the air’ the possibility of returning to assist other NPC formations.

“Braga by André Soares”

Eduardo Oliveira‘s book titled “André Soares Braga” was released. Co-sponsoring this literary work, Cachapuz uplifts its support for the dissemination and promotion of Portuguese culture, especially the one from Braga.

Cachapuz endorses music culture partnering with Casa da Música

Cachapuz is now Empresa Amiga da Fundação Casa da Música (Friend Company with Fundação Casa da Música), located in Porto.


Both companies are leaders in the willingness to contribute to the promotion of cultural events, believing that concepts like creativity and talent should be encouraged through innovative cultural manifestations institutions.


Cachapuz, the centennial company from Braga, is the outstanding leader in the production and development of equipment and weighing solutions in the national market. The “Casa da Música” is the leading institution in the country dedicated exclusively to music, whether in the field of presentation and public enjoyment, whether in the field of artistic training and creation. It welcomes an innovative and comprehensive cultural project that takes the dynamics of national and international music scenario, in most various areas.


Cachapuz will debut on a direct the link to the arts by partnering with Casa da Música and expressing its support to the promotion and dissemination of cultural activities, combining the pleasure of musical discovery with an invitation for entertainment