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What is the weight of your weight?

26 June, 2019

Last SaturdayMay 24, the action ‘What is the weight of your weight?‘ took place at “Campo da Vinha” under the responsibility Cachapuz company, as part of the National Day of the Fight Against Obesity.


Cachapuz provided a suitably space equipped to conduct free health testing, informational flyers were distributed and fruit salads were offered, promoting a healthy environment to all of those participating.


By establishing a partnership with NaturalismoThe Institute for Health and Beauty, Cachapuz provided a free health test, specifically a weighing of the population. Under the professional look of the institute’s technicians, participants performed a brief diagnosis of their weight that resulted in personalized advice on the health state of the participants as well as in counselling in terms of food precautions, the need of physical exercise, among others. At the end of the diagnosis fresh fruit salad was offered leading people to the awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.


The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness and highlighting the causes and consequences of obesity, prompting for the need to follow a healthy food ‘education’. Adhesion of people exceeded expectations and nearly 100 health tests have been made and 500 fruit salads were distributed.