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Imagem Sistema de pesagem industrial para esvadadora - X2650

Excavator-mounted weighing system that aims to maximize productivity and profits through efficient loading management

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General Description

The X2650 system is the most effective on-board weighing system for large hydraulic excavators, which aims to improve equipment productivity by providing load-to-load payload information to optimize the load of transport trucks. The Loadrite X2650 provides weighing accuracy of +/- 3%


Suitable for excavators with a capacity exceeding 125 t

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with Loadrite printers


-100 mm backlit LED backlit display

-IP54 protection on display and IP69 on other parts

-Dynamic Weighing

-Automatic Target

-Function Tara


-Bucket overload warning

-Managment of 20 products

-8 customizable fields

-Operator Login


Approved versions for commercial transactions and versions for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


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