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Imagem do controlador de peso para ponte rolante - SPPR

System specially designed to adapt the weighing to cranes with a range of 3 t and 30 t and is integrally applied to the crane

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General Description

Weighing system consisting of 4 cell kits applied to the crane hook trolley.


For application in cranes.

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with a wide range of Cachapuz terminals


-4 cells in stainless steel IP68, placed in the cart of the crane.

-The load cells, mentioned above, are connected to a waterproof housing with IP67 protection, which contains a printed circuit board, with the respective potentiometers where it is made

-The weighing terminal is housed inside an industrial metal enclosure together with the 380V / 220V transformer. Electrical power is available from the crane control panel

-The signal from the connection box for the weighing device is sent through a shielded tape or extra flexible 8-conductor shielded cable, and its routing is carried out by the same location as the feed belt of the crane carriage


Approved versions for commercial transactions in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


-Communications with PC

-Multi range version


3t, 5t, 10t, 20t, 30t


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