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SmartWeight is important partner when it comes to revitalising your company’s resources and a product with Cachapuz’s seal of approval.

This manual or automatic weighing solution offers several benefits in relation to the traditional recording of weighing operations, allowing for an improvement of your relationship with your business partners

Value proposition

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SmartWeigh’s scalable and differentiating features lead to the success of your business’s weighing operations, providing gains to your value chain.

Optimisation of the weighing, loading and unloading process

Automation of every operation associated with the weighing process

Reduced risk of human error in operations

Reduced possibility of processes redundancy occurrence

Increased security in the weighing process, reducing the possibility of fraud and retention of non-authorised vehicles

Continuous monitoring and analysis of the process, ensuring immediate impacts in terms of the optimisation of ROI

Communication of transport documents to the Portuguese Tax Authority, issuing every legal documents associated with the weighing process

Issue of several not valued documents associated to the weighing process

Integration with your information system

Multilingual, adjustable to your company's organisational structure


Simplified Installation

SmartWeigh is easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface and several custom editing and configuration possibilities available for access profiles, weighing editors, reports, etc.

Remote support

SmarWeigh has a remote support service available and, whenever possible, the system's issues are solved with a simple click or a phone call, facilitated by your SmartWeigh Account Manager.


SmartWeigh adapts to your business needs thanks to its modular and scalable features, evolving as your business grows.

User-friendly design

SmartWeigh's design is appealing and different in the way it presents its messages and interaction menus to operators, and the images accompanying it. Besides its functionality, SmartWeigh also complements your desktop.

Monitored maintenance

Since it is a product designed by Cachapuz, you can optimise the risk of malfunctions and repairs after purchasing your equipment (by subscribing to a maintenance contract).

Benefits for your business

– High data storage capacity

– Efficient information verification

– Efficient management of weighing movements

– Easy to use, with user-friendly interface

– Computerised registry of every weighing movement

– Integrated operation with weighing equipment

– Top-down monitoring of operation access and profiles

– Management of customers, products, vehicles and work sites

– Issuance of weighing supporting documents

– Information readily available for analysis

– Allows automating weighing processes

– Integration of information into management systems


SmartControl = Traffic light + barriers

– This module includes the equipment that optimises access or departure to or from the weighing areas, indicating access or departure authorisation from the weighing platform.

SmartPosition = Positioning

– This feature is available trough a piece of equipment with infrared sensors or ultrasounds, which ensures correct positioning of vehicles during weighing operations at your company. This feature optimises the entire weighing process, increasing its reliability and efficiency.

SmartImage = Image registry system

– During the weighing operation, it is possible to photograph the front, rear and top ends of the truck (1 and/or 2 and/or 3, optionally), and store the images for subsequent consultation.

SmartRecognition = Licence plate recognition system

– This feature recognises the license plate of vehicle that is being weighed, in order to complement (even more) its operation registries, making the weighing operation more efficient.

SmartPark Control

– The management of truck queues is done automatically by SmartWeigh, which is an asset for your business’s logistics processes since it prevents traffic bottlenecks, increasing the vehicle rate and avoiding mistakes and errors during the call for loading or unloading of goods.


– This module includes all the necessary procedures for integration into the customer’s ERP, or other software the customer uses.

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