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SmartWeigh - Cachapuz Weighing Solution

SmartWeigh is the indicated solution for weighing management and access control which simplifies, speeds up and automates all operations. This way, it provides improved user experience and trust ensuring total information control.

What is SmartWeigh?

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SmartWeigh is a weighing management solution, fully developed by Cachapuz, in the industry 4.0 environment which allows for access control, weighing automation, process optimization and full information analysis in a fast, simple and efficient way.

SmartWeigh lets you connect a series of digital scales, weighbridges and access control periferals, managing all information in a single place. It simplifies information transition increasing productivity and data reliability.

Easy to install, operate and integrate. Simple and intuitive interface that decompiles the processes and shortens the time that the truck needs to stay in the weighbridge. Automatic report generation according to the KPI desired by the client.

Reliable industrial automation - process and data transfer automatization between systems eliminating manual procedures and ensuring complete reliability.

Modular technology with different functionalities personalized for each client.

Decrease in the possibility of fraud through hierarchical profile control accessed only by password, blocking unauthorized vehicles and ensuring a correct weighing of the trucks in the weighbridge. Periodic backups that ensure the totality of information.

Benefits for your Business

Faster Process

Decrease in the weighing cycles and access validation waiting times.

Cost Reduction

Elimination of manual processes, automation and optimization of processes, human error reduciton and increase in the collaborators productivity.

100% consumer satisfaction

100% transparent access and transactions along with scpecifically drawn processes for a better user experience and consumer satisfaction.

More assertive decisions

Fundamental data storage and organization which facilitate different analysis for decision support, accesscible anywhere and anytime.

Increased productivity

Technology that automates all weighings and accesses to the company, integrating with other systems and making the internal processes more efficient.

Process automation

Reduced client, providers, and other associates waiting times, better resource and time control, facilitating task fullfillment and productivity gains.

Better operational efficiency

Connect your collaborators with continuous insights and high precision digital scales.

Preventive maintenance

Ensure continuous activity with maintenance alerts and 24h remote support.

Data analysisdatanalysis





Data collected in different parts of the process are integrated and stored for a faster, reliable analysis.

Real time monitoring to ensure an emidiate response in case of an anomaly, preventing aditional heavy costs to the company.

Analysis dashboards can be accessed anywhere. They can be filtered by data, provider, client, shipping company, volume and others while also generating a grafical representation of the process trends.

The weighing tickets can be printed or sent by email. They can include photos of the vehicle for a more precise analysis.

Co-creation of value


Better client experience due to reduced waiting times, faster weighings and real-time information that can be sent by email with no language barriers.


Access control with technology that automatically identifies drivers, vehicles and materials.
Management of different periferals for a faster and more efficient loads and unloads along with precise weighings.

Production and Storage

Decreased waste and operational costs with increased product movement, infrastructure profitability with more precise, safe and fast weighing. Issues maintenance warnings to ensure continuous operability
Better inventory control for stock reduciton. With automatic circulation of information the possibility of human error is totally eliminated.


Protection and storage of data collected in a database that can be placed in a remote server or place. Integrable with other operational management software to avoid entropy in data analysis and transmission.


Issuance of valued documents for immediate billing and transaction charges.
Guide transmission to AT and real-time information for better control.
Thanks to the great stability of this solution, as the company grows the solution will adapt without the need of large investments.

Executive Management

Personalized reporting system with KPI analysis. Reports are automatically sent via email.

Case Studies

Find out how Cachapuz won the trust of other companies and how it automated processes in various areas in different industries/industrial branches.

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