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SLV Tomato

SLV Tomato is an IT logistics solution, materialised in a software based on a platform that uses cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of a market that operates 24/7, albeit seasonally, during the tomato reception.

Value proposition

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SLV Tomato is a strong, flexible and high-performance solution developed by Cachapuz and customised to integrate the tomato processing industry’ logistics management system, providing smart information that allows for an efficient tomato season management, with queue organisation, vertical integration and corporate collaboration.


We care about understanding the customer’s business, how we can add value and how to optimise the process!


SLV Tomato is a solution based on the SLV Platform, so it is:


Tailored to the customer's needs.


Evolves together with the customer's business.


A technology-based solution.




Maximum safety for our customers' processes.

Remote support

Support just a click away.

Global implementation

Demonstrated operationalisation in various regions.

Easy to install

Simple and integrable into the customer's systems.

Optimised areas

Agricultural Management

– Basic information management for the current season, with contracts, quantities, prices, levels, producer organisations (PO), producers, fields, class limits and depreciation, varieties, zones,…;

– Reporting – provision of business indicators in the form of reports, graphs, dashboards;

– Connection between POs and Plants


– Field information management, such as plantations, varieties, dates, harvest previsions;

– Tomato deliveries’ planning per Producers’ Organisation, day/week and type of transport;

– Tomato batch traceability: which producer, POs


– Parking registry and Vehicles’ Call to unload, according to schedules and delivery quotas;

– Field and transport labels printing for a more efficient parking management, subsequently reducing operator errors;   


– Tomato reception logistics;

– Parking panel

– 2 SMS sent to the driver: One informing they’re next and another to inform their turn as come

First Weighing

– Vehicle entry and exit weighing registry, with the possibility of position monitoring, and issuing of Delivery Certificates of Tomatoes for Processing (IFAP Template);


– Sample collection and tomato classification according to the different qualitative classes and Brix degrees, lycopene, colour, etc.

– Acceptance or rejection of a product not in conformity with previously defined standards

Second Weighing

– Vehicle entry and exit weighing registry, with the possibility of position monitoring, and issuing of Delivery Certificates of Tomatoes for Processing (IFAP Template);


– Administrative management of deliveries;

– Exporting of deliveries to Producer Organisations;

– Automatic emails and SMS – customised automatic emails are sent to the various process participants with season indicators. Customised automatic SMS are sent with indicators, call notifications, …


– Financial – proforma invoice, settlement and transfers;

– Pricing according to each chosen criterion’s score


– Verification and analysis of delivery information in the form of reports, graphs, dashboards and management indicators, adjusted to each user’s profile. Information sent by email with personalised indicators.

– Portal – Information about the season is available for producer organisations, haulers, and internal information;


Installation of the first software, with few specifications regarding support to tomato seasons.


Installation of the first tomato-specific software, the Tomato Weighing System (SPT).


Cross-sectional change in tomato valuation, according to European norms.


Installation of the first SLV web version at the HIT Group


Migration of all SPT to SLV Tomato _ Implementation of new modules in SLV Tomato: Internal Portal, Carrier's Portal, Laboratory Dashboard, Reporting in several languages, Call by SMS


Unload monitoring module _ Integration with SAP


New Modules implemented: Weighing safety module, Classification image module, SMS module renewal, dashboards module renewal

Benefits for your business

SLV Tomato offers gains in time, cost efficiency, service and safety in operations associated with your business processes. Specific gains vary according to the solution’s implementation range.


Operation optimisation

Cost reduction

Process optimisation and automation

Better service

Reduction of human error, process optimisation


Monitoring of logistic processes and human factor

Computerised monitoring and registry of unloading operations during the tomato delivery season for processing

A simple, easy-to-use system, which doesn't require a lot of training for new users

Information readily available for analysis

Delivery planning, enabling constant raw-material availability, resulting in the efficient management of the production process

Optimisation of vehicle access to the plant

Easy interaction and sharing of information with every season's engaged entities: Producer organisations, producers, IFAP, haulers, operators, IT, agricultural and financial managers, administration, ...

Complete traceability of the tomato season


José Cipriano

Responsible for IT and Communications, Sugalidal (Sugal Group)

The implementation of SLV Tomato within the various units of Sugalidal eases the computerised management and operational control of tomato weighing and classification operations. Its perfect integration with the company’s ERP grants Sugalidal an advanced system with all the necessary tools for the efficient management of the processes involved in the reception of tomatoes for processing.

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