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SLV Cereals

SLV Cereals systematises and automates every process associated with cereal weighing and shipping. Real-time installation data and indicators increase the service’s quality index and consequently increase customer satisfaction.

SLV Cereal is a customised SLV Platform version, adapted to the cereal industry’s particularities.

Value proposition

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SLV Cereals is a logistics automation and optimisation solution for the cereal reception and dispatch flows. This solution is based on a cutting-edge technology platform, implemented through universal protocols and the most recent technologies, which makes it flexible and robust, enabling its continuous evolution and improvement.


Besides providing strict control over loading and unloading operations, SLV Cereal also offers advanced tools to monitor operations and to analyse and verify business information. Its integration into the existing ERP offers a vertical solution for companies operating in this sector of activity.


A solution that is:


Tailored to the customer's needs.


Evolves together with the customer's business.


A technology-based solution.




Maximum safety for our customers' processes.

Remote support

Support just a click away.

Easy to install

Simple and integrable into the customer's systems.

Optimised areas

Operation planning

Customer and supplier contract management

Parking, working hours and vehicle check-in management

Access monitoring

Cereal classification according to several parameters (colour, moisture,...)

Weighing management

Computerised and automated management of loading and unloading operations

Product traceability

Creation, issuance and reporting of transport documents

Independent operation or integration with third-party automation and information systems (ERP)

Acquisition of business indicators

Benefits for your business


Operation optimisation

Cost reduction

Process optimisation and automation

Better service

Reduction of human error, process optimisation


Monitoring of logistic processes and human factor

Optimised management of the logistics of cereal loading and unloading operations

Strict control of loading and unloading operations

Vehicle movement optimisation within the industrial unit

Differentiating positioning among the competition

Vehicle entry and exit automation, with the integration of self-service kiosks and weighing equipment

Issuance of all relevant documentation


Domingos Vilela

Chief Operating Director, Sovena Oilseeds Portugal

The truck movement management solution implemented at Sovene Oilseeds was provided and installed by Cachapuz. SLV Cereals allows us to monitor, weigh and dispatch over 450 trucks per day, for several products and processes, under the supervision of just one operator during the 8 daily working hours. The SLV Cereals solution is highly advanced, practical and functional, versatile and strong, allowing for self-service and weighing operations carried out by the drivers.

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