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SLV Waste

SLV Waste is a technologically advanced solution that offers the necessary tools for the efficient planning and management of the resources associated to the selective collection of waste, as well as the complete monitoring of weighing movements in disposal, storage or transfer points. Its configuration versatility makes it adaptable to every facility’s needs and layout, offering easy operation and functioning.

A solution with proven robustness and performance!

Value proposition

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To provide an integrated urban waste management service that promotes greater efficiency and reduces operational costs, by optimising the existing collection process and the management of waste collected at landfills, thus improving the citizens’ quality of life.


SLV Waste is a solution based on the SLV Platform, therefore, it is:


Tailored to the customer's needs.


Evolves together with the customer's business.


A technology-based solution.




Maximum safety for our customers' processes.

Remote support

Support just a click away.

Global implementation

Demonstrated operationalisation in various regions.

Easy to install

Simple and integrable into the customer's systems.

Optimised areas

It has specific functions available for managing waste reception at disposal or transfer points

It introduces a new information import and export mechanism between the different reception or transfer units

It introduces complementary modules that allow the integration of weighing information into external invoicing systems

A solution in constant development and evolution


The solution emerges based on a new technology platform and with an integrated desktop


First Collection Analysis' Planning System (SPAR) sold in Portugal _ Waste management system with Head Office - Subsidiary communication modules


Map generation, mobility and integration with other services


First SPAR sold outside Portugal


New registry feature for refuelling after end of shift


Container management module _ Route optimisation


New web desktop _ New browsing module _ Adapted for Android


Collection bins, containers and circuits importer _ New synchronisation module

Benefits for your business

SLV Waste offers gains in time, cost efficiency, service and safety in operations associated with your business processes. Specific gains vary according to the solution’s implementation range.


Operation optimisation

Cost reduction

Process optimisation and automation

Better service

Reduction of human error, process optimisation


Monitoring of logistic processes and human factor

Fully dedicated to the waste sector

Information readily available for analysis

Weighing information integrated into invoicing systems

Full monitoring of waste reception and transfer

Computerised management of weighing records

Diversified verification and analysis of the information registered

Optimisation of administrative and accounting processes

Respects legal requirements applicable to waste

Versatility of configuration and operation

Weighing module

Computerised weighing operation registry

Integrated operation with weighing equipment

Information readily available for analysis

Information transferred between different facilities

Information integrated into invoicing systems

Distinction between types of customers: City Councils, Private, etc.

Customer differentiation by zone

Linking customers to vehicles

Linking collection dates and waste analyses performed

Linking products to customers

EWC codes as product codes

Linking destinations to products: landfill, sorting, recycling, etc.

Linking invoicing codes to products and customers

Linking a vehicle route/circuit to a weighing movement

Indication of the starting kms, kms driven, final kms, collection time and container occupation percentage

Indication of load volume in m3 and load percentage to estimate a product's density

Linking a waste tracking form to weighing movement

Splitting a weighing movement into several products, for the same entity, by referencing the corresponding percentages

A comprehensive set of inconsistency filters to detect weighing movement irregularities

A set of maps, with dynamic filters, covering every need regarding the verification level of weighing information

Printed versions of forms 5A and 5B in Excel format for annual submission to the Portuguese Waste Institute

Waste Tracking Form auto-fill (Template A)

Direct printing of several maps in Excel format, allowing data verification using this app's features

Optional integration with commercial management software, PRIMAVERA, from LP6

Respects the new legal requirements

Designed for Microsoft environments, supported by MSDE 2000/SQL Server 2000 databases, which information management

Field customisation available on the weighing editor

New map editor, with more features and user-friendly

Record listing grid with direct filtering and grouping features, report printing and exporting to Excel capabilities

Auxiliary fields and tables available for weighing

Change of products' unit prices on the weighing editor

Browser-based search module for information registered

Attachment of documents to weighing records

Collection module

Module for an efficient selective collection of waste, management and planning


– Module responsible for managing all the entities engaged in the process, for route/circuit planning and for the analysis of the information generated.

– Management of containers, collection bins, products, vehicles, drivers, etc.

– Management of load levels, hygiene, replacements, malfunctions, etc.

– Definition of collection, maintenance and cleaning routes/circuits

– Registry of the geographical location of collection bins

– Assignment of vehicles, drivers and helpers to a route

– Route scheduling

– Sending of messages to drivers

– Ability to generate maps for other entities

– Creation of new routes based on searches


– Software module available for PDA/PocketPS/Smartphone, for recording information related to the collection process.

– Product collection registry

– Recording of load level of remaining products

– Registry of the containers’ hygiene

– Maintenance and cleaning interventions registry

– Recording of container malfunctions and observations

– GPS registry of the vehicles trajectories

– Partial and total mileage registry

– Exit, return and operation times registry

– Register of water, soap and fuel usage

Map information

– Module for viewing map information

– Configurable and adaptable to the customer’s needs

– Routes/circuits analysis

– Analysis of vehicle trajectories

– Detours analysis (routes versus trajectories)

– View of the location of all collection bins in the system

Dashboards / Indicators

– Module to access and verify the system’s information

– Customisable views of queries and graphs

– Exporting of reports into several formats

– Grouping of information in different views

– Different format views

– Reports/Notifications sent by SMS and Email


– Integration with external systems module

– Automatic printing of weighing documents


– Module for route optimisation

Business Intelligence

– Tool to view vital information for decision making.

– Analysis of aggregated information, according to several perspectives/entities

– Business index monitoring

– Pre-calculation of data for quicker visualisation

– Assessment of data patterns (seasonality/geographical distribution, etc.)

– Optimisation of collection processes

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