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SBP/M-SB weighbridge

Pesagem de veículos de carga - ponte báscula

Sturdy Weighbridge, designed for industrial environments with regular weighing needs, up to 120 t

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General Description

Robust modular scale. It is the ideal solution for weighing vehicles and construction machinery

Compatibility with other equipment

-Installations in harsh operational sites where high levels os concentrated loads are experienced

-Facilities with very regularly weighing – recycling facilities and waste reception, industrial companies with loading and unloading of materials


Compatible with the full range of Diade smart terminals

Load cells

High-resolution digital load cells CPD-M, ensure high performance under the toughest weighing applications. The protective casing is made of a highly corrosive-proof stainless steel which allows them to operate in harsh environments, ensuring reliability and accuracy in all weighing operations. They are made in compliance with the OIML R60 recommendations


Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU.


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