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Concrete weighbridge SBP-100CO

ponte bascula pesa camiões betão

Very robust concrete weighbridge, designed for weighing in corrosive and high-intensity environments, up to 80 t

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Inspiring trust and transparency in business

The new SBP-100CO concrete weighbridge is an integral part of Cachapuz’s new iWeighSystems – integrated weighing systems designed to guarantee our customers the complete automation and digitization of weighing processes, with a guarantee of total safety, accuracy and reliability

High performance

The SBP-100CO weighbridge has been designed using advanced engineering techniques and produced with the latest production techniques to ensure exceptional strength and high reliability

Extremely tough

The structure reinforced with metallic armor and painted with epoxy paint of high corrosive protection together with the reinforced concrete inserted in the tray make this weighbridge suitable for intensive use in harsh environments and products with high corrosive power

Environmental protection system

The SBP-100CO has an environmental protection system that helps protect the weighbridge against overvoltage, sludge, dust and adverse weather conditions

Smart load cells

High-resolution CPD-M digital load cells ensure optimal performance in the most challenging weighing applications. They are equipped with an automatic address allocation system that allows simultaneous connection of all cells in the installation phase while storing calibration data within each cell to ensure traceability of information


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