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Imagem do controlador de empilhador para evitar multa de excesso de peso - S1100

Weighing system for compact machines providing accurate, consistent and reliable weighing

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General Description

Integrated scale that provides the exact payload measurement in cab for compact machines. Helps the operator accurately weigh each lift, avoid overloads and control stocks. Suitable for use on tractors, forklifts and skid steer loaders, in a variety of machine sizes, makes and models


-Agriculture: Weigh and mix the feed to ensure ensure that it is optimized, weigh hay bales to identify the wet and correct the supply, weigh goods at the entrance / exit for more accurate billing and inventory management

-Construction: Weigh customer purchases to avoid excessive or insufficient billing, Tracking of products sold and available for better stock management and purchasing, eliminating vehicle overcharges for added security

-Storage: Consolidate weights with shipping guides to accurately monitor and manage stocks, avoid over-stacking / overloading of products, do not exceed maximum machine load limits to reduce wear and injury, ensure compliance with health and safety requirements for a safer workplace


-System with IP67 degree of protection, which means it can be installed in open cabins and exposed to dust and moisture

-Static weighing

-Overload warning

-Zero Function

-Subtraction function

-Totals management

-82.2 mm retro backlit LED display

-Own weight: 190 g

-1 year warranty


Version for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE

Chemical resistance according to ISO 16750-5 EP 455.8.2


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