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Imagem do repetidor de peso para pesagem integrada - RD52 HL

Simple and versatile weight repeatability, equipped with a protective stainless steel cover, which allows the weight to be viewed up to a distance of 30 m

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General Description

Terminal with 50 mm display. Allows viewing even in low light conditions. Protective hat and stand


Weight repeater for customers who need to see weight at great distances


-High brightness 7-segment LED display with 6 digits of 50mm, allows visualization even in poor light conditions

-Serial port for receiving data in RS232 or RS422 allowing connections up to 1200m

-12 function indication LEDs (scale in use for multi-scale equipment, unit of measurement, gross weight, net weight, heavy tare, predetermined tare, stable weight and zero)

-Stainless steel housing with IP65

-Protective hat and support for fixing with tilt adjustment


Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU


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