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Imagem da báscula pesa gado PRM-GV - Cachapuz

Rugged and durable weighing scale for weighing live cattle up to 3000 kg

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General Description

Electronic weighing scale designed for weighing live cattle. The tray, built in anti-slip chequered plate, prevents animals from slipping when passing through the equipment. It has two doors for the entrance and exit of the animals. Grille in tube and metal rings. Easy to install and maintain, it also has the possibility of adding a mechanism for transporting the equipment in large agricultural spaces


Equipment suitable for weighing oxen, goats, pigs, sheeps ans horses


Compatible with a wide range of Cachapuz terminals


-Sturdy monobloc structure in painted steel

-Slip-resistant chequered plate

-Four stainless steel load cells IP67

-Fitted with soft steel tube grille and metal hoops on top to increase stiffness

-Doors on both sides and with spring clasps

-Adjustable feet with anti-slip rubber support

-Stainless steel junction box IP68

-Shielded cable for connection to the weighing terminal


-Multi-range version

-UE approval



300 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg


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