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Imagem da balança para industria PB-BW - Cachapuz

Platform for weighing blocks, characterized by its superior strength and resistance to concentrated loads

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General Description

Equipped with 4 stainless steel compression load cells, with a high level of protection against moisture and other residues. It has a compact structure that makes its transport, installation and maintenance easier

Compatibility with other equipment

Specially built for the extractive industry, for weighing blocks up to 50 t


Compatible with a wide range of Cachapuz terminals

-High degree of robustness and resistance to overloads

-4 stainless steel load cells manufactured in Accordance with standards OIML R60

-Horizontal load limitation system

-Monoblock structure in steel of construction in which all the metallic parts that constitute the platform are protected against corrosion through a treatment of deception, happened of painting of high corrosive power

-Sturdy monobloc structure

-Smooth plate

-Fixing screws for trays in stainless steel, thus avoiding oxidation and facilitating the removal of the same in case of need

-Shielded cable for connection to the weighing terminal

-Stainless steel junction box IP68 with anti condensation system


Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU


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