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Self-money for wighbridges, capable of recognizing various currencies and other means of payment

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General Description

The equipment consists of a system designed for the management of a public weighbridge, charging an amount according to the weight placed on the scale. The user is provided with a ticket with the most important data: weight, amount charged, date, time, ticket number. The equipment has high mechanical strength, suitable for industrial use


Designed to be installed together with the weighbridges intended for use by several companies / users


Compatible with Diade series range of terminals


-Metal housing that can be built-in or pole-mounted

-Viewer for user 2x16LCD

-Rear door with key

-RS232 output

-Power 220 Vac / 50Hz (12Vdc – optional)

-Independent totalizer for currencies, chips and iButton keys

-Date and time in real time

-Possibility of variable rates depending on the weight

-Possibility of day and night rates

-Configurable weight display time

-Possibility to program 6 lines of text with 24 characters, 3 in the header plus 3 in the middle of the bead

-Programmable number of beads

-Automatic retake via payment or by key

-Printing of several maps with the weights carried out (simple bead for the operator and more information for the company)

-Multi-currency selection

-Anti-vandalism keypad

-RS485 output

-RF Output



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