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Imagem da pesagem para evitar multa de excesso de peso - L3180

State-of-the-art weighing system that uses artificial intelligence for more accurate and fast loading by connecting multiple devices and synchronizing data

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General Description

The L3180 offers a more accurate weighing in a wide range of conditions including adjustment for rough terrain, operator technique and machine movement using the new artificial weighing intelligence. The system also features digital CAN sensors for noise immunity and soil tilt compensation. Provides in-cab performance KPIs to help operators monitor performance and achieve daily goals


Ideal for consumers who need the best technology available

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with the range of Loadrite printers


-Digital sensors for noise immunity and soil tilt compensation as standard

-Terminal with IP54 protection and remaining IP69K components

-5.7 “touch screen

-Connection to the rest of the quarry, via Wi-Fi, GPS and USB

-The best in interactivity and Interface

-In-Cab Performance Metrics

-InsightHQ Productivity Metrics

-Car performance KPI (ton / hour, tons, truck counts), production metrics (ton / product) and product tracking in time (time / product, time / task)

-Loading location map by heat

-Managment of 100 products

-Managment of 100 customers

-8 customizable fields

-Dynamic weighing

-Automatic Target

-Automatic tare

-Overload warning


-Weighing in sum

-Operator Login

-ETickets sends load information to any email


Approved versions for commercial transactions and versions for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


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