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Kiosque DD2050

Transport your company into the future with the new DD2050 Kiosk, built to deliver high performance and make the weighing process autonomous, safe and efficient

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Inspiring trust and transparency in business

The new Kiosque DD2050 is an integral part of the new iWeighSystems from Cachapuz – integrated weighing systems designed to guarantee our customers total automation and digitalization of the weighing processes, with guarantee of total safety, accuracy and reliability

Digital inclusion

This new model was created to smooth the interaction between customers, drivers and the operating system, in order to eliminate any difficulty on the part of them in operating with the latest technology

Volume as identity

To transmit a set of feelings and emotions to the client and the user, through a functional and aesthetically appealing design, which offers the best possible experience to both those who acquire it and those who use it

High performance

Present a high performance due to its customized modeling software, being able to provide multiple programming possibilities based on technologically advanced languages, making the weighing process safer and more reliable

Data management

Manage the necessary data and information simply and effectively, combining powerful functions and the flexibility of computer programming with the measurement requirements of weighing instruments

Grow with you

Possibility to expand its use and integrate with several peripherals to maximize its potential

Total autonomy

Driver is able to carry out the weighing autonomously, without the need for an operator allocated to the weighing that can be coupled with tasks of greater added value


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