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Imagem da balança integrada para camião dumper - H2250

On-board dumper truck cycle monitoring system to optimize truck transport cycles, increase productivity and limit costs

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General Description

Eliminates problems related to queues, groupings, over / under speed uploads. Access via mobile devices, providing information and reports almost in real time. All productivity data pertaining to the truck cycle is automated, saving time and reducing frustration with filling in forms and reports.


-Available for rigid dump / transport trucks;

-Ideal for customers looking for more information on productivity and use of goods and equipment.

Compatibility with other equipment

LP950 printer



-100 mm backlit display

-Accuracy usually +/- 3%

-Operating temperature: -10C to 50C

-Automatic load counting

-Production reports in a short time

-Truck speed monitoring

-Analysis of cycle times

-Location of materials

-Automatic total of products

-Accurate graphics

-Real-time reports of truck movements and eviction operations

-Monitor product totals, average load, load count, downtime and distance

-Truck cycle report – dump truck activity, loading time, transport time, queue time, etc

-Report loading and unloading – based on GPS information

-Speed reports – Less speed → Less tire wear

-Cycle Reports:

-Better Information → Less dead time

-Better information → Faster cycles


Approved versions for commercial transactions and versions for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


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