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Imagem da báscula industrial para pesagem de tanques e silos - GPA-C -

Low profile weighing system with ergonomic design, ideal for weighing silos and tanks up to 50 t

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General Description

The GPA-C has a galvanized structure, mechanical fittings for settling compensation and / or thermal expansion. Allows you to convert a tank, silo or other container to weighing equipment. The ergonomic design facilitates not only cleaning but also maintenance. The rugged construction guarantees the user high precision and linearity in all operations


-Weighing System for application in tanks, hoppers, cisterns, buckets and silos

-Ideal for precision industrial weighing for internal use

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with a wide range of Cachapuz terminals


-Structure galvanized

-Low profile

-Optional mechanical compensation for fixing and / or thermal expansion

-Overload protection

-Integrated protection against oscillations and inclinations

-Cell analog compressive load, low profile, stainless steel and hermetically sealed, IP68

-Accuracy class: 3000

-Maximum Power: 30 VAC / VDC

-Sensitivity: 0.1% +/- 2 mv / v

-Input impedance: 60 Ω +/- 1160

-Impedance output: 1015 +/- 65 Ω

-Maximum load: 150%

-Maximum load: 150%


Approved versions for commercial transactions and versions for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


-Stainless steel support bar



5000 kg, 10 t, 30 t, 50 t


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