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Robust and durable precision scale for accurate results up to 10200 g

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General Description

Extremely robust and extremely durable scale. Provides reliable and accurate results. It has a reinforced anti-shock system. With LCD displays with smaller decimal digits, waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard. It has function of counting pieces and percentage.


Especially suitable for industrial and production laboratories

Compatibility with other equipment



-LCD displays with smaller decimal digits for easy weight reading

-Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard

-ABS structure

-Serial output RS232 or USB

-Internal battery with 12h battery life (BP models only)

-Battery charging time: 12h (BP models)

-Stainless steel weighing platform

-Power supply: 100 / 240VAC

-Own weight: 3kg

-Operating temperature: 10º to 40ºC

-Reinforced anti-shock system

-Tare range (by subtraction): up to maximum range

-Parts and percentage account function

-Indication of stable weight gain

-Bar chart of dosage and scale used

-Memorization of the last data in case of power failure


Version for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE




2000 g, 4200 g, 7500 g, 10200 g


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