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Imagem da balança analítica de laboratório

Analytical balance of excellent performance and quality, with divisions between 0.0001 g and 0.001 g and capacity up to 1010 g

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General Description

Extremely accurate and reliable analytical balance. With large, easy-to-use display. Usable in grams or milligrams with reduced decimal places. It has the functions of counting of parts, calculation of percentage, standard deviation and density of solids.


Chemical, industrial and educational laboratories


-7-digit LCD displays

-Weighing platform in stainless steel with a diameter of 80 mm or 110 mm

-Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard

-RS232 serial output

-Weighing chamber

-Adjustable feet

-Operating temperature: 18º to 35ºC

-External power supply: 230V

-Automatic self-adjustment with internal mass

-Own weight: 7 kg

-Selectable response time “fast or slow”

-Indication of stable weight gain



-Device for the determination of solids and liquids

-Masses calibrated in class E2


120 g, 220 g, 320 g, 510 g, 1010 g


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