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Imagem da solução de pesagem para balança de carga - DD1050

Robust and powerful, high performance terminal for the most diverse industrial applications, with guarantee of fast and accurate results

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General Description

Diade series smart, robust and versatile terminal is ideal for industrial applications. It can be equipped with SW for several applications (DOSINGDIADE – manual dosage, MEDICALDIADE – hospital waste, BIOENERGICADIA – biomass, ENODIADE – cellars, LOGISDIADE – identification, weighing and automatic acceptance in establishment)


-Designed to be used by many people, so it is easy and intuitive

-The optional functional features enable users to customize all functions and graphs according to their own specificities


-Especially designed for industrial applications

-Supplied with metrological software required for weighing management

-Versatile and customisable in terms of functions and layout

-Equipped with a powerful SQL relational database for management of weighing data

-Advanced network communication and connectivity

-It can be programmed and customised from a PC via a network

-Own weight: 5 kg

-Graphics engine

-Graphics libraries

-Scale and Distributed peripherals management

-Communication protocols

-Print driver

-Real time PLC processing software

-Server Database

-Display generation/personalisation

-Archive building

-Print personalisation

-Instrument configuration

-Applications up-load



-Windows CE

-Identification system

-10.4″ touch screen

-ABS enclosure and stainless steel front panel

 – 3 RS232 outputs one of which is configurable for RS458 or RS422

 – SD Card Reader

 – Ethernet connection

 – Digital inputs / outputs

 – Analog output 0-10V / 0-20 mA

 – 3 USB ports

 – external feeder

 – Total Management



-Customizable Interface

-MPP Alibi memory

-High-resolution version (6000 divisions)

-Multi-range version

-ScaleCore software

-Two more outputs (RS232, RS422 e RS485)

-WiFi communication

-4 inputs, 4 outputs

-Audio card

-Terminal support post

-Front protection cover


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