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Robust, high performance scale with capacity up to 52 kg

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General Description

Precision scale that allows to record with high precision the minimum variation in weight. It is easy to clean so it can be used in more hostile environments. It has a robust construction and a high quality load cell, built with cutting-edge technology and overload protection. It is easily adaptable to a variety of work environments thanks to a user-selectable digital filter.


Especially suited for customers with high precision needs at medium range. Much used in inventories.



-Display with 7 red digits

-Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard

-Reinforced anti-shock system

-Galvanized internal mechanical parts

-Structure and base made with profiles in painted steel

-Power supply: 220VAC

-RS232 serial output

-Stainless steel weighing platform

-Adjustable feet

-Stabilization time: 3-4 seconds

-Magnetic load cell manufactured in-house, applied in levers and protected from dust and splashes)

-Operating temperature: 10º to 40ºC

-Operating parameters locally and via RS232: read speed, type of stabilization, etc.

-Bar chart of metering and scale used

-Bar graph indicating percentage remaining in relation to the range of the scale, even after the zero tare


25 kg, 26 kg, 35 kg, 50 kg, 52 kg


-Special models with higher divisions number and possibility of connection to peripheral units

-Automatic calibration with external masses

-Internal device for storing the last data in case of power failure

-Subdivision of reading (through the serial port allows the reading, in the computer, of another division)

-Construction in stainless steel, calibrated masses, etc.


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