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Accurate and reliable counting scale, with capacity up to 30 kg


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General Description

Counting scale in ABS, with three LCD displays. Indication of weight, average unit weight and number of pieces. Up to 60 000 divisions. Built-in rechargeable battery with 90 hours of continuous use, allowing work in places without electricity and ensuring continuity in case of power failure. It is connectable to another scale, thus allowing the counting of large parts


All commercial and industrial activities that require the counting of parts. Widely used in inventories

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with a wide range of platforms and printers Cachapuz


-Terminal structure in ABS

-Stainless steel weighing platform

-3 backlit LCD displays of 20 mm being one for total weight, one for unit weight, and another for the number of pieces

-20-key keyboard

-Overload protection

-RS232 output

-Adjustable feet and level bubble

-Power supply: 9VDC (with external power supply)

-Weight Indication

-Average unit weight with automatic update

-Number of pieces

-Definition of tara

-Weight: 5.1 kg


Version for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


-Multi-range version



3 kg, 6 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg


Do not forget to indicate the capacity of the equipment chosen in the order form



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