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Stainless steel floor scale with wheels and handles for easy handling, ideal for heavy pallet weighing in aggressive environments, with a capacity up to 3000 kg

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General Description

Floor Scale built in stainless steel to withstand the harshest industrial environments. It is equipped with wheels and handles for easy handling. The load cells, entirely in stainless steel IP67, high quality, are prepared for high performance and long life

Compatibility with other equipment

Specially designed to operate in harsh environments, with a strong presence of chemicals, moisture and dust. Its structure is designed for weighing goods on pallets transported by forklifts or pallet trucks


Compatible with a wide range of Cachapuz terminals

-AISI 304 stainless steel structure

-Easy handling thanks to robust wheels and handles

-Four IP68 stainless steel load cells

-Adjustable feet with anti-slip rubber support

-Shielded cable for connection to weighing terminal

-IP68 stainless steel junction box


Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU


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