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Imagem do controlador de peso para balança autónoma - DD2050

Powerful terminal designed with the latest technology for superior performance

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General Description

Diade DD2050 terminals combine the power and flexibility of programming a computer with the metrological characteristics of a weighing instrument, the user can carry out weighing operations in complete autonomy without the presence of a SELFSERVICE operator. User identification can occur through multiple devices (optical, magnetic and proximity). Can be equipped with SW for various applications


Possibility of being installed for weighing in the ground or directly from the interior of the vehicle

Compatibilidade com outros EquipamentosCompatibility with other equipment

Compatible with the entire Cachapuz range of weihbridges


-Touch screen 12.1” readable even in bright light

-Ethernet connection

-Digital inputs/outputs

-80 mm printer

-Windows CE


-Connection to optical system of the truck license plate, command barriers or traffic lights for automatic access control

-Streamlining operations and consequent benefits in logistics

-Easy introduction and management of data and information to be managed

Scalecore: a set of software tools for the development and autonomy of the weighing installation within the scope of industrial weighing, facilitating the creation of modular structures, data management, graphic management and communication between the various constituent modules. The main components provided are:

-Graphics engine

-Graphics libraries

-Scales management

-Distributed peripherals management

-Communication protocols

-Print driver

-Simplified RTL software (real time language)

-Server database All these tools make it possible to totally

Scalewizard: PC software that allows the management of Diade series terminal through a personal computer. The main examples of functions are:

-Display generation/personalisation

-Archive building

-Print personalisation

-Instrument configuration

-Applications up-load



Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU


-Customizable interface

-WiFi communication

-3 slots available for expansion cards

-Multi-range version

-High-resolution version (60000 divisions)


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