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Imagem da solução de pesagem para balança de carga - DD1050

Robust and powerful, high performance terminal for the most diverse industrial applications, with guarantee of fast and accurate results

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General Description

Diade series smart, robust and versatile terminal is ideal for industrial applications. It can be equipped with SW for several applications (DOSINGDIADE – manual dosage, MEDICALDIADE – hospital waste, BIOENERGICADIA – biomass, ENODIADE – cellars, LOGISDIADE – identification, weighing and automatic acceptance in establishment)


-Designed to be used by many people, so it is easy and intuitive

-The optional functional features enable users to customize all functions and graphs according to their own specificities

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with all Cachapuz range of weighbridges, platform and weighing systems for silos and hoppers


-Especially designed for industrial applications

-Supplied with metrological software required for weighing management

-Versatile and customisable in terms of functions and layout

-Equipped with a powerful SQL relational database for management of weighing data

-Advanced network communication and connectivity

-It can be programmed and customised from a PC via a network

-Own weight: 5 kg

-Graphics engine

-Graphics libraries

-Scale and Distributed peripherals management

-Communication protocols

-Print driver

-Real time PLC processing software

-Server Database

-Display generation/personalisation

-Archive building

-Print personalisation

-Instrument configuration

-Applications up-load



-Windows CE

-Identification system

-10.4″ touch screen

-ABS enclosure and stainless steel front panel

 – 3 RS232 outputs one of which is configurable for RS458 or RS422

 – SD Card Reader

 – Ethernet connection

 – Digital inputs / outputs

 – Analog output 0-10V / 0-20 mA

 – 3 USB ports

 – external feeder

 – Total Management


Approved for weighing operations for the purpose of Commercial transactions according to directive 2014/31/EU


-Customizable Interface

-MPP Alibi memory

-High-resolution version (6000 divisions)

-Multi-range version

-ScaleCore software

-Two more outputs (RS232, RS422 e RS485)

-WiFi communication

-4 inputs, 4 outputs

-Audio card

-Terminal support post

-Front protection cover


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