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Intuitive, reliable and versatile weighing terminal, specifically designed for weighing and labeling

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General Description

The “VENUS” terminal is for the weighing and labeling sector, allows to operate through the keyboard and the graphic display in a simple and intuitive way, can be connected through the Ethernet network, equipped with printers of the direct thermal type or “leaf” of 2 “or 4”, which together with the wide variety of weighing platforms make it a suitable instrument for all sectors of industrial activity. The high flexibility of basic software and optional packages, among other things, enable the management of data related to product traceability


Food Industry

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with the entire Cachapuz range of platforms and weighing-labeling systems


-Color graphic display, LED backlit TFT technology

-ABS structure

-QWERTY keyboard

-RS232 outputs

-Ethernet connection without optional parts

-Totals management

-Management of product codes and vendor codes

-Modular system capable of managing different types of printer and weighing platforms

-Tags and barcodes are fully customizable by the user

-Personalization of ingredients, nutritional information and product traceability

-Open and clear communication protocol for the user with manual and practical examples

-Printing on thermal paper, plain, glossy, plastic and transparent materials

-Connection with scanners or PLC

-All adjustments, cleaning, and basic maintenance are quick and easy and do not require tools


Version for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


-MPP Alibi memory

-Multi range version

-High-resolution version (60,000 division)

-Touch screen


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