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Imagem do controlador de peso para plataforma de pesagem - E520i

Stainless steel weighing terminal, simple and intuitive, with battery operation, for simple weighing

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General Description

Weighing terminal distinguished by the 22mm LCD display. Stainless steel frame, rechargeable battery, one RS232 output. Percent weight function


Ideal for customers who need weighing, but who do not have an electrical connection

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatible with the entire Cachapuz range of platforms


-Stainless steel frame

-7-key keyboard

-1 RS232 output

-52 mm LCD display

-Built-in rechargeable battery with 90 hours of continuous use

-Only available in mono-scale version max.30.000 divisions

-Weight Indication

-Definition of tara

-Accumulated weight function

-Zero function

-Definition of totals

-Check weighing

-Operation control of weight limits with LED signaling with 3 colors and acoustic signal


Version for internal control in compliance with Directive 2014/31/UE


-High-resolution version (up to 10000 divisions)


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