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A focused, engaged and happy team

We believe that focused people make happen, engaged people do it right and happy people are capable of doing much more and better.

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We provide the perfect environment for the professional and personal growth of our employees, through motivating policies that value accountability and initiative, in a continuous learning process.


We believe that the right motivation will lead people to exceed, inspire and push themselves in order to present extraordinary results. We learn to tackle obstacles and provide superior performance!


Most of this motivation stems from the environment that surrounds us, so we have a number of initiatives to keep our team motivated and in harmony. A harmonious team is capable of amazing accomplishments!


Thus, our team benefits from:


– Discounts in optometry products and services
– Health insurance
– A “”Baby Voucher”” in the amount of €500 following the birth of a first child
– Continuous professional training
– Cafeteria
– Protocols with several banking institutions
– Motivational seminars and team-building activities
– Birthday day off


Our efforts in recent years were recognised in 2012 with the Work Excellence award in the category of medium-sized enterprises, for industrial and energy sectors In 2016, Cachapuz received the Best Company Culture award and Graça Cunha Coelho was considered CEO of the Year at the Business Excellence Forum & Awards.


Get to know more about Cachapuz’s team:

Graça Cunha Coelho

Chief Executive Officer


Cândido Martins

Executive & Innovation Manager


Domingos Barroso

Technical Director

Employee Testimonials

Joaquim Ferreira

Former production manager

At Cachapuz we have always worked hard and well. We already dominated the market in 1950. We developed weighbridges for railways, traffic police and to all major national companies. We used to build 60 weighbridges a year, all mechanical! In the 60s, we had many trading relationships in Africa, especially in Mozambique and Tunisia. I remember a huge order we got for Cuba, after the revolution on April 25th! It was 30 weighbridges, 6 metres each, to weigh the sugar cane production, 2 weighbridges with 20×3.5 for the Havana Customs Office and another 4, measuring 18 metres each.

José Agostinho

Former assembler

I started working for Cachapuz in 1947: I left 2 months before completing 50 years of service at the company. That’s half a century. Besides myself, five of my children have worked here (and some still do). This company is like a family. However, back in the day, we worked a lot more and did everything: we welded and cut iron. When we travelled (to assemble weighbridges), we would stay over a month away from home, like when we went to the Azores.

António Miranda

Former production technician

I worked at Cachapuz five times, I emigrated and worked for several competitors. What makes Cachapuz unique is that it is the ‘mother’, i.e. it was the pioneer, all the others were just followers. For example, we were the ones that designed and manufactured the CPFs (anti-fraud scales, produced in the 70s)!

Joaquim Silva

Former production technician

Cachapuz monopolised everything. I travelled abroad for work several times: two or three times to Mozambique and Angola, after I had been there in the military. We faced some difficulties in Tunisia, due to cultural differences, but as any Portuguese, we adapted and it never compromised our commercial contracts, quite the opposite! I left Cachapuz less than a year ago. It was the best thing I had in life, these 48 years at the company. I have no bad memories.

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Senior / Junior Developer

A Cachapuz está a procura de um novo junior/senior developer para integrar na equipa!

Descrição da função
-Criar e evoluir funcionalidades nas plataformas da Cachapuz

-Licenciatura em Informática ou áreas similares
-Experiência em Microsoft SQL server
-Conhecimentos de programação
-Confiança, Inovação e Responsabilidade

-Ordenado e demais regalias de acordo com a experiência
-Ótimo ambiente de trabalho
-Condições para evoluir pessoal e profissionalmente

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