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Nova Cimangola upgrades Cachapuz’s SLV Cement

15 January, 2014

Cachapuz and New Cimangola reinforce their partnership for the automation of SLV Cement solution.
A Nova Cimangola, located in Luanda, is the leading producer of cement in Angola; since 2007, Cachapuz has been supplying them with technologically innovative equipment and solutions to manage cement dispatch and the raw materials reception.


Cachapuz SLV Cement solution was implemented in late 2009 in the Nova Cimangola industrial unit in the Cacuaco municipality, but time has now come to upgrade the solution in order to ensure the highest level of automation. Cachapuz has strengthened the implemented system by providing it with a new set of modules and features that allow the optimization of the control and management of the trucks’ flow for loading and unloading operations.


The modernization of the SLV Cement solution results from its latest version and developed software based on an architecture oriented to an operational front-end and web based management services, equipped with advanced tools for monitoring, tracking and reporting which increase control operating procedures for the reception of raw materials and shipment of bagged or bulk cement.


In practice, the SLV Cement solution brings together the dispatch and control of logistics flow that automates all processes, from the arrival of a truck to the factory to the cement shipping, automatically printing all the required documentation at the end of the process.


Cachapuz ensures, once again, its domain when it comes to innovation by making use of the evolution and technological development put in this solution together with its proactive attitude towards the market.