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Upgrade to the environmental solution: SPAR

1 October, 2014

Cachapuz, the national leader company in the industrial weighing sector, recently performed an upgrade to its solution for the environment area: SPAR – System of Planning and Analysis of the Retrieval.


In 2006, Cachapuz identified and resolved a gap in the computerized registration and treatment of the activity of selective waste collection. The innovative approach in the design of this computer solution resulted in an immediate acceptance of the market, having been installed in 12 inter-municipal systems and waste management.


SPAR is a software solution designed to support and facilitate the process of Selective Waste Collection, providing the necessary tools for effective planning and management of resources affected to this activity, exploration and analysis of information for decision support and interaction with system users.


This year, SPAR solution was subjected to an upgrade, endowing it with a centralizedserviceoriented architecturewith a web interface and ready to be used in the new generation of mobile devices – tablet and smartphone – including a module for automatic notifications by email and sms. Other competitive and innovative features relate to the automatic synchronization of weighing, generation of dynamic routes, optimizing in the introduction of mechanisms for pre-filtering, reducing costs and operating time, crossing and analysis of information under different perspectives, among others.
It is also worth mentioning that SPAR was designed in a modular way, with complementary components that allow them to adapt to the specific needs of each entity acting in this business area.


Undoubtedly, a “heavy” solution for the environmental sector!