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St. John’s is already rotating with Cachapuz’s technology!

15 June, 2018

Cachapuz renews its partnership with Associação de Festas de São João (St. John’s Festivities Association) by allowing the visitors to rotate the statue of St. John in the Praça da República according to the popular will!


Thus, as in the 2017 festivities, after the introduction of a €0,50, €1 or €2 coin, St. John will turn into the direction chosen by the visitor, sometimes in the direction of Bom Jesus, sometimes towards the Chapel of São João da Ponte. This is possible due to the communication of the reader to the automaton which controls the logic of the action, which, in turn, communicates with a speed variator which is connected to the motor of the platform where the statue of St. John revolves. This equipment was designed and built from scratch by Cachapuz so that the popular will can decide the direction that St. John is facing.


It is also worth noting that the revenue obtained from this mechanism will revert entirely to the Diocesan Social Fund called “Sharing with Hope“, so this also becomes ‘heavy’ solidarity action.