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SPT 28 Weighbridge: trustworthy equipment

16 May, 2014

In the Alentejo region, Cachapuz has set up a SPT 28 weighbridge for the weighing process of cork.


This equipment was supplied to a private client, Herdeiros de Henrique Vaz de Mascarenhas, with which Cachapuz maintains a solid business relationship based on loyalty principles. This weighbridge has been installed and uninstalled twice in the same homestead, since its weighing activity is a seasonal one. This client highlights several aspects related to this equipment which make it essential for the company’s business: not only its installation easiness , but also its robustness, weighing precision and equipment resistance which “remains impeccable“.

The weighbridge SPT 28 is the most appropriate and, moreover, was specifically designed to be an easily transportableweighbridge and (dismountable, given its foldable structure. The hinge system enables the rotation of the semi-panel allowing the transport of all manufactured parts fully assembled, including load cells, thus allowing rapid a rapid installation and in any location.

It is worth noting that the installation of this equipment was done on hard to reach land and it was impossible to workmanship. Still, this challenge was successfully overcome, translating the professionalism and experience of Cachapuz’s technicians.