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Innovation in Congo

11 April, 2014

Cachapuz has been in Congo to set up two weighing bridges that were installed in the cities of Dgiri and Mpela. The complex installation of these weighbridges took just 13 days, counting on the excellence of the local team for the respective assembly support.


What stands out in this installation are the conditions of the weighbridges setup; given the absence of electricity in the facilities, the installation was done using photovoltaic panels, taking advantage of the sun to power the weighbridges and the respective computer. This challenge has enhanced Cachapuz’s innovation value as the modus operandi of the company.


It is noteworthy that, with the acquisition of these two devices, the total amount of weighbridges supplied for this client is now 4, revealing his satisfaction with the equipment as well as the customer support services provided by Cachapuz.

The installation was within its usual punctuality, showing the experience and professionalism of Cachapuz’s technicians.