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How much weight is our support to S.C.Braga worth?

13 May, 2016

Next May, the 21st Cachapuz will conduct a marketing action to weigh the support of the Braga inhabitants to their football club for its presence in the final of the “Portugal Cup 2015/2016” on May, the 22nd.


The action will take place by the fountain of the “Praça da República” (Arcade) where a weighing platform will be installed in a space appropriately decorated for this purpose, including some football accessories for pictures. The goal is to weigh the support of the city’s inhabitants to the S.C. Braga team at full scale, serving as an extra motivating factor for the team!


Cachapuz thus marks an important milestone in the history of S. C. Braga, leaving its “heavy” imprint as a creative and enthusiastic company in what events from the city of Braga, ‘our’ city are concerned.