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€600.00 is the minimum wage paid by Cachapuz

1 February, 2016

Cachapuz has set the value of €600,00 as its minimum wage paid to its employees in 2016, above the established by law. This measure came into force in January, starting a new year with a salary that, along with other measures already undertaken by the company, aims to increase the disposable income of Cachapuz’s employees.


It has been since long that Cachapuz has been implementing actions of this nature, and the well-being of its employees is a major component within its social responsibility actions. “It is necessary to stimulate and develop the human capital of a company whose commitment and dedication lead to the results and success of Cachapuz” stated the Direction of Cachapuz, quoted from the statement issued by the company.


The historical success of Cachapuz is due, among many other variables, to the excellent work, dedication and commitment that employees deposit daily in their work. This company offers a wide range of measures of social character, including: preventive and curative medicine, canteen that ensures a healthy diet, health insurance, birth rate support by assigning a €500,00 baby-cheque to its newborns and, more recently, the refund of the IRS surcharge paid in 2015 by its 57 employees, contrary to the Government’s decision in relation to this measure.


Cachapuz thus intends to reaffirm its strong social responsibility strategy keeping its team motivated and involved in their of ‘weighing’ universe.