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Cachapuz solidarity with Ajudef

13 February, 2015

Many were the occasions when Cachapuz has demonstrated its solidarity side towards various kind of humanitarian causes. This time, the company was not able to resist the call from Ajudef, a center of support and work for the disabled, whose headquarters are situated in the United States.


The Portuguese delegation of Ajudef was founded in late 2006 and currently consists of four elements that are committed on a very professional and responsible manner to this project. This center offers a number of products for sale such as decorative items, office supplies, catering supplies, housewares and embroidery, handicrafts, among others.


Cachapuz has purchased office supplies, including file covers, printing paper, pen holder, cleaning products, among others. Are essential materials in current use, thus contributing to the continuation of this exemplary project.


This selfless spirit enhances the respect that Cachapuz transmits to those who work for a “heavy” project such as this, developing and increasing their intellectual skills.