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Cachapuz returns the IRS surcharge paid in 2015 to its employees

27 January, 2016

Cachapuz, the market leader in the weighing industry, will return the IRS surcharge retained in 2015 to its employees as a reward for having achieved the objectives set for 2015.


Today, a statement issued by the Government confirmed that it will not do the same as the VAT and IRS 2015 revenues were below expectations and therefore there will be no return of surcharge paid by the taxpayers in 2015.


Cachapuz, as an encouraging stimulus to the participation of its employees in the success of the company, will proceed to the return of this IRS surcharge, which has reduced the disposable income of households. This is an additional measure of the company intended to praise the commitment and dedication of its employees. Thus, Cachapuz reinforces its position as a company that has a sense of social responsibility, embodied in practical actions with immediate effect on the disposable income of households that are make its labour universe.


The historical success of Cachapuz is based on its ability to innovate and its distinctive essence in the market as well as in the excellent work done by all, thus living up to its motto: ‘Together we have another weight’.