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Cachapuz promotes a campaign against Obesity

21 May, 2014

What is the weight of your weight?” This is the name of the campaign that Cachapuz will promote on May, the 24th in “Campo da Vinha” in Braga, in the “National Day of the Fight Against Obesity“.


This company, national leader of the industrial weighing sector, will have a Cachapuz space next to the Campo da Vinha, where a diagnosis with personalized advice will be conducted to the participants. This health test will be made under the responsibility of health professionals from the Institute of Health and Beauty Naturalism (Cachapuz’s partner). The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness by highlighting the causes and consequences relating to obesity, reinforcing the importance of following a correct diet, calling up the attention for the importance of following a healthy ‘education’ food.


Between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Cachapuz will be in Campo da Vinha offering free health tests, distributing informational flyers, and offering fruit salads; it will also promote a hobby in which participants are eligible to win a set of Power Plate treatment sessions, among other surprises.


This campaign shows that Cachapuz established itself as a driving force to create partnerships with some of the entities of Braga, namely the Câmara Municipal de Braga, Institute for Health and Beauty Naturalism and Cavagri.


In this Saturday, Cachapuz, as a certified company in the weighing industry leadership, is campaigning against the excess weight, expressing its concern for the effects caused by this disease in the population.