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Cachapuz: Loadrite’s privileged distributor

19 May, 2015

Cachapuz is the privileged distributor of the Loadrite brand in Portugal, a leading company and an international market reference in what loading paddles and conveyor belts weighing are concerned. With such an important positioning as this one, Cachapuz could not resist to make this ‘heavy weight’ partnership with a well-known and notorious company Loadrite emerged in 1979, developed by Actronic Tecnologies.


Nowadays, 36 years later, the Loadrite brand is known for its innovative and rigorous technology in the weighing operations, highly differentiated characteristics that contribute to an excellent positioning that it currently holds.

Loadrite Systems for Loading Paddles and Conveyor Belts, have been added to an already vast industrial weighing solutions catalogue of Cachapuz, responding to manifold activity sectors where it operated, namely: embankment/excavation, mines, waste management, wooden industries. Allied to an ‘intelligent’ technology, these systems are integrated on loading tools, weighing the loads while these are displaced by the machine elevation at any given speed. Other well-known characteristics are: report management, process monitoring and multiple calculation of paddle elevation. Therefore, all weighing operations are maximized, which allows the optimization of the operational efficiency and inventory rigorous control.


Loadrite is available through factory certified distributors that provide support in more than 40 countries all over the world. Cachapuz is one of those representations, based on a perspective of cooperation and professionalism, seeking to provide an excellent service with cutting-edge solutions.


Together, we have other weight!