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Cachapuz is the first company in Portugal to carry out EU verification in accordance with the new Directive 2014/31/EU

18 July, 2016

Starting today, Cachapuz is the first Portuguese company in the industrial weighing sector qualified to carry out EU verification (as an authorized centre through the D module conferred to Società Cooperativa Bilanciai in Italy) in accordance with the new Directive 2014/31 / EU which legislates the non-automatic weighing instruments, ie those requiring intervention of an operator during the weighing process. This Directive aims to protect the public against incorrect results of weighing operations by means of non-automatic weighing instruments when used for certain categories of applications; It intends to ensure a high level of protection of the public interest and to ensure fair competition within the Union market.


The conformity assessment is the verification process through which it is demonstrated whether the conditions governing the essential requirements of this Directive are met. As a manufacturer, and according to the Directive, Cachapuz meets the established requirements, ensures and declares that the non-automatic weighing equipment is in conformity with the type described in the EU type examination certificate.


The CE marking indicating the conformity of a non-automatic weighing instrument is the visible consequence of a process comprising conformity assessment in a broad sense, in accordance with this Directive. This mark indicates that the instrument complies with the applicable requirements of harmonization of Union legislation providing for its affixing.


Thus, Cachapuz can, from today, affix this new appointment.